NLP Master Practitioner in Leeds


NLP Master Practitioner in Leeds

I am a NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, NLP Coach and Life Coach in Leeds.

I offer NLP coaching and therapy sessions in Leeds, Pudsey and Ripon.


I also offer on-line sessions. 

Coaching sessions offer you the chance to enhance your skills and performance and to be more empowered to make the right changes for yourself.

Sessions are offered on a one to one basis.

Uses of NLP Coaching

NLP coaching can be used for a number of areas.

Some of the main ones are :

  • Enhance Confidence
  • Focus on the right direction for you
  • Life Coaching
  • Belief changes
  • Increase motivation
  • Enhance Sports Performance
  • Enhance skills eg presentation skills
  • Interview skills

Uses of NLP Therapy

NLP therapy can be used for a number of areas.

Some of the main ones are :

  • Enhancing Self Esteem
  • Behaviour changes
  • Phobias & Anxieties
  • Resolving emotional problems
  • Healing past issues

Benefits of NLP Coaching & Therapy

NLP coaching & therapy enables you to make positive changes quickly and easily.

Therapy will assist you in reducing the things that have been holding you back.

Coaching will teach you techniques which you can use to enhance your skills and resourcefulness.

This will enable you to have more direction and achieve more of what you want from life.

Coaching and therapy can be combined as required.

NLP can be offered by itself or together with Hypnotherapy.

Additional Information

A minimum of two coaching or therapy sessions is recommended.


I offer face to face and remote sessions via Skype.

I practice from Consultation rooms based at the Kinetic Studio in Morley Leeds and Tower Clinic in Cookridge Leeds.

I also offer sessions at the Ripon Chiropractic.

To book a session or for more details about how NLP can assist with your needs contact Danusia on 0113 2555049 or send me a message via my 'Contact Me'

Contact Details

Danusia Gardner


0113 255 5049